Review Gin Ur Way 91/100

Review Gin Ur Way 91/100

Bon Vivant London Dry Gin

This new Belgian gin is the brainchild of Seppe Gouwkens, but is made by Manu Decorte from the Open Spirit Distillery.

Seppe has been known for some time as one of the Founding Fathers of Gintermezzo, who offer the well-known gift boxes. In addition, the team has expanded its activities to the exclusive distribution of some gin brands in Belgium, they give tastings and support events, they provide business gifts for companies and run 2 pop-up stores.
After 1.5 years of making promo for others brands, Seppe felt that the moment had finally arrived to launch his own gin.

The Bon Vivant Gin is distilled according to the classic London Dry method.

The botanicals used are:

  • Juniper
  • Lemon
  • Lemongrass
  • sweet oranges
  • cardamom
  • coriander
  • angelica
  • iris root


N: A sweet beginning with juniper berries and some grassy notes. Then I get oranges, combined with earthy aromas.

T: Soft beginning with oranges and juniper, then the gin gets a little spicy and ends with the earthy aromas again.

F: medium long finish with cardamom, the iris root pops up once again. It ends nicely dry and earthy with some bitter notes.

Gin & Tonic

For our G&T, I recommend using the AQ Monaco tonic combined with a sprig of mint and an orange peel.


The Bon Vivant is a nice, citrus driven gin that has a backbone of earthy/juniper aromas and therefore will convince many gin & tonic enthusiasts.

At the GinUrWay headquarters, it gets a nice shiny golden 91/100 medal!

Author: G.V van Gin Ur Way
Final editing by: K.H van G&Teasing

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