Bon Vivant Rum is a blend of four high-quality Caribbean rums that have been barrel-aged for at least 3 to 5 years. Elegant and pure, our rum is made without any added caramel or coloring. Notes of ripe exotic fruit are sweetly interspersed with floral aromas such as acacia honey, jasmine and vanilla. Bon Vivant Rum does wonderful service as a digestive or as a base for rum cocktails.

  • Taste: light, tropical fruits, floral accents
  • Alcohol content: 42%
  • Volume: 50cl

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Perfect Serve Cuba Libre

Ideally suited to cocktails, but I also recommend it neat or on the rocks.

Pour 5cl Bon Vivant Rum in your glass

Add 15cl Fever-Tree Cola

Finish with a slice of lime

Bon Vivant Spirits is a brand with two big dreams: on the one hand, expanding the brand into an international label, and on the other hand, supporting young entrepreneurs in their own quest for success. Are you an entrepreneur yourself? Please give us a shout!

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