In 2016, thanks to my studies in Advanced Business Management, I entered the gin world. What began as a class project quickly grew into the web shop

A year and a half, innumerable gin and tonics, and quite a few bar bills later, I was ready for the next challenge: my own spirits label.

With Bon Vivant Spirits I focus resolutely on absolute quality. With a name like this, it couldn’t be otherwise. The name also has sentimental value. My parents were always good savers, but in the summer when we went on holiday, we did everything we wanted to for a week, no restrictions. We were real Bon Vivants! I never want to lose the feeling I had during those holiday weeks.

The reason I can build my own business with so much passion and dedication? I’m not at work, I’m doing what I love. I enjoy every day and I want to pass that on to others.

With Bon Vivant Spirits I want to create spirits that are worth earning. They have to create a subconscious feeling of accomplishment and happiness, just as they do with me.

Bon Vivant Spirits, however, revolves around so much more than just putting quality spirits on the market. Bon Vivant is a vision, a philosophy that stands for an entrepreneurial mindset: Faber est suae quisque fortunae. Each is the creator of his own fortune. Bon Vivant wants to inspire and support people to set goals, to work towards them, and to be the reward for achieving them. Always responsibly.